About Us

Hello! and welcome to our site. We are a husband and wife duo who likes to make food and experiment with new recipes. We decided we needed to take love for food and share it with our friends. We hope you enjoy our twist on some of our favorite recipes.

A little bit about us:

Hi! Welcome to our site. I like to bake and he likes to cook. It makes for exciting meals and desserts. {her}

My favorite desserts that Melody makes are her cupcakes ... and cookies. I love her spin on the recipe (she rarely follows one). {him}

I love when the he sends me a recipe and says "I want to try something like this". I say Great! Let's do it. {her}

Together our passion for cooking has exponentially grown since we've been married (2 years and counting). Even when dating, we would experiment in the kitchen and throw concoctions together. {her}

Word of fair warning as well ... I'm a web designer so this site is as much of a trial and error as some of what I've whipped up in the kitchen. So keep your eye out for new things every now and again, and hey if you find a bug, don't be afraid to let me know! {him}

Here's to us in the kitchen! Welcome to our food adventure. {them}

Melody and Jacob!

About Us