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Hello! and welcome to our site. We are a husband and wife duo who likes to make food and experiment with new recipes. We decided we needed to take love for food and share it with our friends. We hope you enjoy our twist on some of our favorite recipes.

Cheesy Vegetable Skillet

It's officially fall and I'm excited for what fall brings. Cooler temps, leaves full of color, apples, pumpkins, and the best of all...comfort food.

Sometimes I have a challenge with comfort food because all I want to do is to continue eating it. So in doing some brainstorming, I didn't feel like making soup but I wanted all the colors, flavors and comfort level of a soup. I took what I would normally put into my vegetable beef soup, eliminated the broth and tomato sauce and made a skillet instead. If you want to be extra healthy, eliminate the cheese. I served this as a main dish but could easily be a side dish to any meat option.

We have been meeting a few friends for dinner one night a week and this was a big hit!

Recipe: Cheesy Vegetable Skillet

2 medium parsnips (chopped) about two cups
1 medium onion (chopped)
1 green pepper (chopped)
1 large carrot (chopped)
2 cups chopped Green Zucchini
2 cups chopped yellow zucchini
12 oz sliced baby Bella mushrooms
1 can diced tomatoes (drained)
2 cups Italian shredded cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

1. Start by making sure all vegetables are chopped up into bite size pieces. Set aside
2. Pour about 4 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar and 4 tablespoons Olive Oil in a skillet over medium high heat.
3. Add onion and 2 tablespoons garlic to the oil/vinegar mixture and let caramelize.
4. Once caramelized, add parsnips. Stir, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
5. Next add green and yellow zucchinis. Stir, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
6. Add remaining vegetables except for tomatoes. Stir, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
7. Add tomatoes, and a good helping(2 tablespoon) of thyme. Use salt and pepper to taste. Let simmer for about 10 minutes.
8. When all vegetables are cooked through, add cheese, don't stir and cover with lid for 5-6 minutes or until melted.
9. Serve with some warm crusty bread and enjoy!